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Winner of the 2019 Horizon Silver Award.

George Dental is a private dental services provider focused on a premium experience in overall patient care and communication. As the family practice grew, George Dental prepared to acquire a second location to meet patient needs. It was an ideal time to develop a new website and better convey the clinic’s unique mission and core values, and further improve the overall patient experience.

To develop and execute a strategic website development plan that would: 1) Integrate and convey George Dental’s sincere mission to provide highly personalized, premium dental care services for families; 2) Differentiate – in design and content – George Dental’s brand identity from competitors; 3) Launch the new website with a multi-channel brand awareness campaign, and 4) Position the practice to further expand in the future and/or enhance its investment appeal for possible acquisition.

Activated Growth gained insight from George Dental’s internal stakeholders and analytical data, in addition to reviewing the competitive landscape. We then followed our strategic methodology using George Dental’s vision, brand attributes and brand identity to design and develop an engaging website that brought the brand to life.

Work Included

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Creative Design
  • Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing Services (SEO)

Activated Growth helped George Dental differentiate its website from the competition and better communicate the clinic’s vision, values and brand attributes, as well as position the clinic for continued growth. Our efforts led to the successful multi-channel launch of an integrated George Dental brand awareness campaign to coincide with the opening of its second location. The clinic’s new website and messaging now seamlessly align with the company’s passion for delivering healthy and radiant smiles!

With the new website in place, George Dental is seeing great results and feedback! The ultimate goal for acquisition was achieved because of above industry average patient growth and competitiveness in market for acquiring patients. George Dental has also received recognition from partners, patients and prospects on the design and ease of use of the website. The website truly differentiated the practice and made prospects want to engage further.


  • Due to improved SEO on the new website organic search increased by 39.52% (year-over-year) for same time period
  • Overall users to the site is up 32.07% (year-over-year) for same time period
  • Time on site averages over 1 minute
  • Patient acquisition percentage from digital channels increased
  • Second only to insurance companies as source of new patients

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