With Activated Growth, there are no quick one-offs. No darts thrown at random targets. We’re happy to help clients in a pinch, but we’ve learned that great endings come from strategic beginnings.

We use a methodical five-stage approach to:

  • Maximize engagement
  • Move your audience(s) to action
  • Drive growth and revenue

Stage 1


We dig in and ask the important questions to fully understand your business and the competitive landscape. That includes your challenges, goals, customers, competitors and more via conducting deep company discovery, customer analysis and market research.

Stage 2

Strategic Planning

We translate insight into a focused, actionable plan that will drive results while aligning to your organizational situation and budget. The plan includes setting measurable goals and establishing metrics to track progress and modify as needed.

Stage 3

Engagement Development

We provide exceptional creatives services (traditional and digital communications), content development and delivery channel recommendations to activate and engage your audiences.

Stage 4


From start to finish, we make sure no ball gets dropped. We’re watchdogs about details, delivery and client communication.

Stage 5


Tracking metrics is a must. We routinely analyze results, extracting meaningful data to help keep your marketing initiatives fresh and optimized.

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"Working with Activated Growth has been a refreshing experience. From their impressive ability to identify key opportunities, to their strong attention to detail, they provided the third party perspective we needed to further build our business strategy."

- Mike Williams, Managing Director

"Activated Growth has helped us take a more comprehensive approach to marketing. As a result, we have higher brand awareness and name recognition in the community. We’ve been able to significantly increase the capacity for our services and maintain client growth."

- Molly Wilson, General Manager

"Activated Growth does a great job of understanding our business, our competition and our differentiators, to craft a brand strategy and messaging that is personal to our company and relevant to the marketplace. They are sincere, smart and responsive to our demands, and we value our partnership with them."

- Ted Carlson, President

"Most definitely, we would recommend Activated Growth! Activated Growth works diligently to understand opportunities and provide effective analysis to help clients make decisions. Since we began working with Activated Growth, our marketing approaches have improved greatly with a fresh perspective."

- Jason Sanders, Executive Director

"Activated Growth has worked with Women Run the Cities for the last two years and has played a key role in the race's continued growth. They’ve helped us align our overall marketing strategy and execution, especially media and partnerships. We look forward to collaboration again for our race's 10th year in 2016!"

- Cathy Schmidt, President of Surfacequest MN and Co-Race Director of Women Run The Cities

"I have worked with Activated Growth for seven years. They always consider my best interests and have proven their worth on every project."

- Ray Krantz, Director of Business Development