Activated Growth wins international award for logo design

“Moving” New Logo for National Battery Day Wins International Award

Award Winning Logo Design

When Activated Growth was asked to create a new identity for National Battery Day (NBD), we were honored. Now, we’re positively charged. Summit International Awards has presented us with a 2020 Summit Creative Award for designing the new NBD logo.

The judges selected Activated Growth (AG) for creative excellence in the logo’s conceptual strength, execution and persuasive ability. Over the past 26 years, the U.S.-based Summit Awards has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative and marketing excellence. There were over 4,000 entries from 27 countries in 86 categories.

The Original Challenge: Create a Dynamic Logo to Establish Global Identity

National Battery Day is celebrated annually on Feb. 18, as a time to recognize the essentiality of all battery chemistries in electrifying our world. As consumer demand for innovative energy storage increases, so had the need for NBD to have its own unifying brand identity. AG was ready to assist in developing a new, shareable logo for global use.

Manifesting the Visual Story 

Lisa Dry is the communications director for the two organizations – and AG clients – behind the new logo, Battery Council International and the Essential Energy Everyday communications initiative. Both organizations advocate for lead batteries. She explained the challenge.

“We wanted a logo design that could be used by all types of battery manufacturers, recyclers and suppliers, whether they build batteries for transportation, industrial uses or emergency power, including the humble flashlight.”

With an expertise in brand identity, logo development and logo design, the AG team activated its strategic marketing process to identify key themes to visually manifest. Michele Leach, AG founder and president, led the project’s strategic direction and creative team.

“Early on, we knew that animation was essential to convey a modern, electrified world, Leach explained.”

Guided by Michelle Van Santen, AG’s talented creative services director, the agency developed a colorful, new logo – in both static and animated GIF formats – that captured the essence of battery essentiality. Van Santen described the new logo as replicating a growing “smart” cityscape formed from a variety of batteries. Moving horizontal line elements simultaneously convey modern connectivity, data, energy movement and power.


Exceeding Client Expectations with Winning Logo Design

“We’re thrilled with the design concept that incorporates several different types of battery technologies,” said Dry. By making the logo and animation free and available to all, she hopes to further elevate the awareness and understanding of batteries globally. “We’re excited to share this winning logo design with the world.”

If the brand identity of your business or organization needs a jump, contact Activated Growth. We have the creative power to move your audiences, too.