Website Refresh or Redesign? We Can Help You Decide.

Website design, content and navigation gets stale, and sooner than you may think. In fact, the average lifespan of a website is a paltry 2 years, 7 months. That’s according to one study that looked at the top 200 websites and determined the intervals between major redesigns for each site.

But before your business or organization embarks on a total website overall, first consider if a refresh will suffice. That’s what Activated Growth recently did with its own website.

What We Changed

We followed the same strategic process we use with our clients to determine where updates were needed to best align with our brand messaging and boost site analytics. The result was new, animated graphics and updated page layouts; refreshed, streamlined content with ample call-to-action invitations; more client case studies with photos, and simplified navigation (we consolidated pages, removed lengthy drop-down menus and added more cross-links).

Does Your Website Need a Refresh?

Take an honest look at your website and your website analytics (we’re happy to help you.) Study what content is keeping visitors engaged and for how long. Can you track where interest converts into action? Here are some additional questions to consider:

  • Have we rebranded? (new logo, new color scheme, new tagline)
  • Have our audiences, key brand messages or service/product offerings changed?
  • Has our content-engagement strategy changed? (more blogs, videos, news posts, etc.)
  • Has our industry language evolved?
  • Is it easy to make content updates?
  • Are we mirroring design trends and best practices across devices?
  • Are we maximizing SEO?
  • Are we keeping pace with our competitors’ sites?
  • Is our navigation intuitive and streamlined?


How to Extend Your Site’s Lifespan

Here are some ways to breathe life into your site. Keep in mind, this work will pay off down the road when you’re ready for a complete website redesign.

  • Content: add new writing, images, video or other engaging elements
  • Navigation: review your Google Analytics and remove the least-visited links
  • Design: consider a new home page or tweak colors, font and spacing throughout the site
  • Page Enhancements: incorporate a new, modernized page template (if possible)


From Refresh to Redesign, AG Has You Covered

Activated Growth has award-winning website experience. Our team includes experts in website strategy, design, content, development and search optimization – everything needed to keep your site engaging and on-target to convert viewers to customers.

Don’t wait for your site to reach its expiration date. Contact us.