Helping Our Clients Navigate a Sustainability-Focused World

In one generation, Earth Day has gone from an annual day dedicated to planting trees to a daily focus on critical environmental issues that impact the world. That’s confirmed by “The Top Sustainability Stories of 2019,” a recent article in The Harvard Business Review.

Activated Growth is helping our clients navigate this terrain by taking on a larger partnership role. We’re guiding companies in how to manage their environmental marketing and social issues, including opportunities to inform and educate stakeholders (and the media). In our transparent world, stakeholders expect it!

For example, helping to launch and grow awareness of Essential Energy Everyday has been AG’s most sweeping effort to date. The client initiative is supported by the two global trade associations that represent the lead battery and lead industries, Battery Council International and the International Lead Association.

Essential Energy Everyday exists to increase awareness of the critical importance of lead batteries to provide energy storage solutions in our increasingly electrified world. Our role has included conveying the many benefits of lead batteries. Foremost, is how they are setting the standard for sustainability by:

  • Storing and regulating power from renewable energy sources like wind and solar
  • Supporting carbon-reducing green transportation options like start-stop vehicle technology and electric vehicles
  • Role-modeling a near-perfect circular economy, from initial battery design through a 99% recycling rate that provides a reliable stream of materials for the majority of a new lead battery.


The AG team has helped with numerous aspects of the important initiative: marketing strategy and global collaborations; branding; content development for blogs, social media, website pages and public relations; digital and print materials, including educational infographics, and more.

If your organization or company needs expert environmental marketing, contact us. We’re ready to craft, manage and promote your sustainability story.



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